Why Your Jewelry Is Likely to Break Again After Repair

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Saving jewelry, regardless of its age, can be practical because the cost of repair is nothing compared to the price of a replacement piece. This statement is especially true if your broken item has significant historical or sentimental value. Although buying new fashion items is more convenient because they’ve never been more affordable due to mass production, custom or designer jewelry is usually irreplaceable.

However, some naysayers claim that consulting dealers in Salt Lake City such as AAA Jewelers might not be worth the trouble. While detractors have a point when they say that fixing a broken ring or necklace isn’t a permanent solution, it’s not necessarily the jeweler’s fault. Sometimes, a repaired piece of jewelry breaks again sooner than expected. Here are the common reasons why it happens:

It Is Inherently Flimsy


Some items are bound to break no matter how flawless a jeweler’s artistry is. Thin pieces are doomed to wear down quickly because they don’t have a lot of material to begin with. This is why ordinary chains tend to fragment more easily than the rest of the jewelry.

Items made of softer metals are less durable. The manufacturing process of the jewelry helps determine an item’s longevity, but the metal is just as important as construction. Generally, pieces made of platinum, titanium, and tungsten last longer than those made of gold and silver.

Fixing inherently less sturdy items is a worthwhile proposition, but manage your expectations. Repair can only make broken pieces of jewelry wearable again but not strictly extend their lives.

It Has Been Soldered Many Times

Solder is an alloy used to join separated metal parts. While soldering can bond broken pieces successfully, the joints created by this process are usually not as strong as the metal of which the jewelry is made. As a filler, solder is meant to reconnect two items that used to be one but not necessarily restore the item’s structural integrity. Soldered areas are naturally weak spots, which is why you should you be extra cautious when wearing your repaired jewelry.

The more times your item has been soldered, the greater its chances of breakage. Unless you replace the metal part of your jewelry with new material, you can take a trip to the jeweler’s shop again for the same concern.

It Is Worn Often

Many jewelry pieces get broken with use than with time. If your items lack robust construction, they’re likely to succumb to the effects of everyday wear.

If you’re someone who likes to don the same fashion items regularly, it pays to invest in high-quality products. Some cheap pieces might appear indistinguishable from the real thing, but their poor construction might give them away as low-end varieties or imitations.

Jewelry repair, when done by a qualified professional, can deliver a lasting result. Make sure, however, that your item is worth the expense to avoid wasting money. In some cases, you might be better off selling your broken items for scrap and use the cash to buy better replacement ones.

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