Types of Leg Stretches for Relieving Muscle Pain

Leg Stretch

In most industries nowadays, employees will either spend the largest portion of their time seated or standing. Muscle stiffness in the legs is one of the most common issues your employees deal with. This is evidenced by muscle tightness accompanied by discomfort, cramping, and pain at the end of a working day. There is, however, no reason why your employees should battle with various forms of discomfort after working so hard since this will significantly dampen their job satisfaction.

The best way to boost your employees’ morale is by hiring a company offering personal training services to help them improve their flexibility. With these services, you will also considerably reduce the risk of your workers developing back pain, joint issues, and frequent fractures. The following are some of the stretches that might ease stiffness in the leg muscles:

Hamstring Stretches

The hamstring muscles run from the pelvis to the posterior aspect of the knees and help in flexing the knees or extending the hips. They often become too tight from prolonged periods of sitting. Daily hamstring stretches can help improve the flexibility of the muscles and alleviate problems with the knees. You will lay on your side with one of your legs stretched upwards then flex and extend your knees with your back in a straight position. There are also some variations of the hamstrings stretch that can be done throughout the day.

quadricep stretches


The quads are found on the front side of your pelvis and run over your knee cap and down your shin’s front. They help to straighten your knees. Sitting or excessive walking can overwork these muscles and lead to their tightening. Standing, prone, and side quadriceps stretches are some of the stretches that will alleviate stiffness in this muscle. Each should be held for approximately thirty seconds, but you can stop it if it generates pain.

Calf Stretches

The calf muscles are found behind your knees and run to the back of the heel. They are commonly stretched in women who wear high heels. Unaddressed tightness in the calf muscles leads to plantar fasciitis or Achilles tendonitis. There are different types of stretches designed to relieve calf tightness. Luckily, most of them can be done throughout the day. These include towel calf, seated calf, and runner’s stretches.

Hip Flexor Stretches

Prolonged sitting will strain your hips, and it can be characterized by referred pain and discomfort to the back of your legs. Hip flexor stretches, including kneeling hip, Glute Bridge, front-to-back switch, and pigeon pose, are some of the types of stretches that can ease this pain. The stretches will also help minimize the risk of hip dislocation.

Employee satisfaction takes more than giving them opportunities for career growth and paying them a handsome salary. Caring for your workers’ health is one of the elements that will place your company in front of your competitors’ and attract the best talent. To ensure none of the stretches mentioned above harm your employees, it is essential to get a personal trainer to guide your workers through them. This will also ensure that they reap the most benefits from the stretches.

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