Three Skin Care Swaps You Need to Make for Winter

The winter season could be your skin’s biggest enemy. Winter is the time when your skin tends to lose moisture due to the cold and dry air, as well as lack of humidity. Because of this, minor switches have to be done to your skin care routine to help keep your skin glowing and healthy throughout the colder months.

Protect your skin from drying out or breaking out by ensuring that the following steps and that skin care essential products are part of your nighttime beauty regimen.

Switch From Physical to Chemical Exfoliants

During winter, your skin faces harsh weather conditions, making it extra sensitive. So, scrubbing extra hard to get rid of dead skin cells could only damage the new ones even more. While it is still necessary to exfoliate during the winter months, it is best that you switch it up with chemical exfoliants instead of the usual physical variants.

The latter makes use of granules to scrub off and remove dead skin cells physically, furthering any damage or dryness. On the other hand, a chemical exfoliant makes use of either alpha hydroxy or beta hydroxy acids, which are a great formula to wash away the dead skin. Despite the name, chemical exfoliants are gentler on the skin. You can use them two to three times a week for glowing skin.

Go Lighter on the Cleanser

Just because the pores tend to be tighter during the winter season does not mean you should skip the cleansing. Cleansers should still be a big part of your regimen. It is best to use gentler cleansers during this season, however, so as to minimize the changes of stripping away the essential oils from your skin.

So, if you are a fan of scented cleansers or those with beads for extra cleansing, you might want to switch to blander cleansers for the meantime to help retain moisture in your skin. As for moisturizers, meanwhile, be sure to pick one that is mild and thick. This will slow down the natural loss of water from your skin, preventing it from getting dry and itchy.

Add Antioxidant Serum to Your Game Plan

Antioxidant Cream

Antioxidant serums are among the beauty products that should be in your skin care kit. Inflammation is common during winter due to exposure to free radicals. By using serums with an antioxidant base, you not only remove inflammation in your system but also brighten the skin by countering the appearance of abnormal pigmentation.

Choose products that have vitamin C, at this nutrient can enhance collagen formation in the skin to counter the harsh effects of the winter season’s cold and dry air. Just make sure that your skin type can handle the slight sting that some vitamin C-infused products can bring to reap the best benefits.

Just because winter is a season for hibernation does not mean your skin care routine should also take a rest. If anything, winter time is crucial to ensuring that your skin remains moist, glowing and properly cleansed.

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