Thoughtful Lover: Three Ways to Master the Art of Giving Gifts to Your Girlfriend

Businessman giving gift to a woman

There are many ways to communicate your love to your girlfriend, but probably the most classic is giving them a gift. Interestingly, as much as men have been showering women with presents since time immemorial, there are still quite a few who have no clue how exactly they should give gifts. Often, they get something that doesn’t suit their girl’s tastes or can’t be used because they’re a size too big or small.

The truth is gift giving is a skill, and there’s a certain science and art to doing it. If you’re a bit oblivious, you can very well switch things up and master the art of giving gifts by taking note of these strategies:

1. Start with an inventory of what she likes

The masters of gift-giving are observant. They pay attention to people’s interests. Of course, of all people, you know well what your girlfriend’s preferences are. When choosing between red or blue, you know automatically what she wants. When picking among different cute bags, you’re certain that she’d get the tiny round satchel, which could fit her everyday essentials: lipstick, blush, hanky, and cash.

Now, it’s easy to choose in these situations because you’re already at the ‘final’ options. If you have a huge department store to see or a full online catalogue to browse, it can be overwhelming. What you should do then is to list the things your girlfriend likes. These may be stuff that supports their hobby, make her pretty, or match her personality.

When you’re able to pull off this list and give something that aligns with her preferences, you’re not just giving per se, you also expressed that you know her and the things that would make her happy.

2. Go for presents that tell a story

Woman trying out a neclaceA story behind the gift becomes more meaningful. It also can communicate that particular message you want to tell your partner. As much as possible, consider gifts that carry interesting narratives. For instance, you can get her a redesigned necklace, a 14k rose gold anklet, or an art piece whose painter became known for works depicting romance.

The bottom line is to search for pieces that tell a story, as these would make your gift unique. It’s hard to find such presents, that’s why it will be all the more appreciated by your girl. If you could make the actual giving unique that would be a whole lot better. It would add another layer of story that goes with the gift.

3. Don’t neglect the gift of experience

Gift-giving isn’t just about material things. It can also be letting your girlfriend experience things. For example, you can take her on a fun road trip across the state, go river rafting, or climb a mountain. Of course, the adventures you’d try would depend on your woman’s tastes.

Again, the first principle applies here — to focus on what she likes. Once you’re able to decide which to do, take care of the logistics then keep her in the loop. Take lots and lots of pictures, as this will be the ‘material’ things you’ll get out of these adventures.

Gift-giving is a skill not every man has, but everyone could learn. Master the art of giving presents to your girl with these fool-proof strategies.