The Survival of the Swiss Watch in the Age of Smart Watches

Businessman checking the time

It can’t be denied that we live in a smart world. You have smartphones, smart appliances, and smartwatches. And who wouldn’t want the convenience and connectivity that these devices provide?

It’s easy to think there’s no place for old, analog watches in a smart world, but that’s where you’re wrong.

Swiss Watch’s Unmatched Precision

Apple may have engineered a smartwatch that does more than telling the time, but there’s still nothing compared to the precision that a Swiss watch boast. Each Swiss watch goes through expert hands, ensuring that they tell the time in an accurate and reliable manner. Timepieces of old may be limited to minute chimes, timers, or water-resistant features, but they are part of a gentleman’s timeless wardrobe.

They also don’t need an upgrade every year, and should any part need an expert’s attention, a Swiss watch repair center is sure to be around Washington, DC or other locations near you.

Doubling as an Investment

A unique vintage wristwatch, which formerly sold for 2.2 million Swiss francs in 2006, sold for 3.915 million Swiss francs this November. The wristwatch, made in 1952, shows that the age of such a timepiece does not tinge its value. It’s a worthy investment that one can pass down to their children or beloved. With proper care and maintenance, a vintage wristwatch can fetch you a good profit should you choose to sell it in the future.

Appreciation of the Craft

Though timepieces are predominantly made to tell time, they are created in such a way that they do their job in an artistic manner. There are watches with hand-painted design and a minute repeater that shows a scene unfolding on the face of the watch. These are usually limited-edition watches, which make owning them an honor more than a privilege. Their limited availability also makes them rare enough that you can easily verify the authenticity of one piece before spending money on it.

An old-fashioned watch continues to thrive even in the age of smartwatches. They simply offer something more lasting and satisfying for the owner.

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