Standout Santa: Less Conventional Gift Ideas for the Holidays

Christmas gift for the family

The season for Christmas parties and exchanging presents with your loved ones is upon us. But as fun as it is to shop for presents, going to the mall is a struggle especially if you aren’t fond of crowded places.

With all the markdowns and Black Friday specials, you can expect long lines at retail stores as people do their last-minute Christmas shopping. To avoid the rush in large retail stores, you can opt to buy your presents from quaint, local shops.

Best Boutique in Phoenix awardee Frances LLC says that what makes local shops special is the love for the community that comes with every unique item they sell. So not only are you helping local artists, but you are also getting one-of-a-kind presents that your loved ones will treasure.

For Your Parents

What do you get for the person who brought you into the world? It is difficult to come up with the perfect present for your parents. Get them a present for them – not the standard presents that have something to do with serving others.

For Mom

Although there’s nothing wrong with the typical vases, cookbooks, and kitchenware, it’s nice to get her something she can use for her “me-time.” Moms, especially those who spend time outdoors, are exposed to harsh bacteria that can damage the skin. Skincare is on the rise this year, and beauty products such as luxurious facial masks and serums are some of the more popular gift options.

Relaxing items such as scented candles and yoga mats are also great gifts if she likes meditation.

For Dad

Children surprises their father with a gift
The beauty trend isn’t confined to women. It turns out that dads are highly concerned about grooming and fighting aging as well. Hair grooming items such as pomades and specialty combs are ideal for fathers who like to keep their hairstyle intact throughout their busy day. Unique facial products like essential oils, beard wax, and mustache combs are perfect for the man of the house who follows the hashtag #NoShaveNovember by heart.

For Your Brothers and Sisters – Biological or Not

If you want to be #extra for your siblings and best friends this year, curated and personalized items are the way to go. Cherish your memories together – even if you and your sibling don’t get along all 365 days of the year – and have a fun artwork made from your baby pictures.

With good relationships come shared interests. If you have a green sensibility, you can get them reusable and sustainable everyday essentials such as steel straws, to-go utensils, and water bottles. You may even go the extra mile and have the items personalized!

There are countless ways to ensure that your loved ones get what they deserve this holiday season. But keep in mind that no matter what you get them, it’s the thought that counts.

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