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Millennial’s Fashion and Culture 2018

How do you define it? – millennials are also called Generation Y, or rather the other way around, simply because they came after the Generation X. People are calling this group as millennials maybe because it sounds cooler – but the answer is quite simpler. This demographic cohort is called that way because they reach adulthood at the turn of the new millennia, which is the year 2000, thus the name Millennials.

This generation celebrates diversity and individuality more than anyone out there, it is one of the major things that makes them who they are – being able to accept people for who they are is a one big star on a millennial’s checklist.

Living their prime working years, everyone is eager to succeed and prove something in life, always in a hurry to show what they can, millennials have a very motivated aura that displays how they are always ready to bring it on. They get up every day, all ready to take on challenges, taking their step towards the dream-filled success.

Millennials dress distinctively and as Zig Ziglar says, “you cannot climb the ladder of success dressed in the costume of failure.”, so here’s a guide on how to workit out and walk on that millennial runway.


Go big on minimalism

minimalismTo both fashion and expression, most of millennials go for minimalism – keeping what’s important and useful and looking at things for its value and purpose, they tend to keep it simpler and easier. Firm and proper fashion clothes but not excessive in details is what they want mostly, that’s why decluttering or removing unnecessary items in someone’s shoe cabinet and wardrobe is always included on the to-do list on weekends. Some millennials go for minimalist tattoos as well, as part of their over-all fashion, expressing oneself in a very strong medium but not going beyond messing so much of their natural beauty.

Invest on your athletic fashion

Wanting to balance everything and keep each side of their lives well-fed, millennials probably spend a lot more for their gym clothes, compared to all other clothes inside the closet. Posting your day at the gym on Instagram is a well-accepted norm among this group and what fun would it be for your followers if you’re not wearing the right fashion. And sometimes, wearing the right and fashionable gym attire will encourage you more to exercise, right?

Keep calm and wait for the sale discount

As millennials’ fashion go over functionality than brand, everyone is keeping their cool in buying things until it’s on sale. Not only because it’s so amazing to go spree on a sale, but also, millennials working on their best years appreciate the value of money and how hard it is to earn it. But don’t go overboard since almost every sale happens during the weekend payday, wouldn’t want to leave that pocket hanging on a cliff by a thread, would we?

Everything that stands for something

statement shirtCaps, shirts, even shoes sometimes – millennials go with anything that has a statement about something important on their casual Friday. A cap with a “Follow no crowd” message on it, or a shirt printed with “No Excuses”, or that pair with “I can do all things” on its side sole – every fashion statement that stands for something catches their attention. It reminds them that they are a part of something bigger and sets them apart from most.

Socially conscious in brands

Again, functionality over brand, but not just that – millennials are socially involved and socially conscious to the brands they patronize, they look after what advocacy it stands for or if they treat their employees right or how this final consumer product was produced. They prefer to buy a local, unknown brand compared to a mass produce jeans that were manufactured by a company who’s not giving the right benefits to its employee.Millennials idea of intelligence is no longer confined to what school defines and being active in social issues is one of its manifestation.

Quick, Easy, Inexpensive

plain shirtsExploring the idea of comfort and looking good with a plain shirt – in other words, never forget the basics. Over-detailed function is something that millennials don’t appreciate and find extremely unnecessary, time is a luxury in the overwhelmingly busy lives and a get-go fashion that will make you look fresh and firm at the same time is the game.

Get high with your awesome kicks

Back in 2006, status symbol for the young generation is the unit of the phone they use, and there was a lot of number combination to choose from as their phone model – 3110, 1112, 6600 and many more. But it very well different to millennials now, they don’t care about phones as much as previous generation did as long as it can text, surf the net and take a great selfie.

However, having a signature kicks is a must! Somewhere along the years, the status symbol among these young professionals has changed to the type of shoes someone wears, whether it’s tubular, air max, ultra boost or anything else, kicks are very important to millennials.


This generation has the largest number in population so don’t wonder if businesses, trends and fashion follow you. Everything can be done online but it doesn’t mean that it has to be. As per study, 70% of millennials like it when they are spending for experience so go out there and live the best years of your life the way you know how.


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