Korean Beauty: How to Maintain a Youthful Glow

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A woman who wants to look her best every time already knows that beautiful skin takes vigilance and patience to attain. Filipino women have been learning a lot about beauty from Korean skincare and makeup shows and blogs. We’re here to tell you that there’s no need to follow a ten-step regimen to maintain a youthful glow.

There is no need to invest in a basketful of beauty products to manifest the honey skin that is your ideal. We have condensed the K-beauty regimen into three essential components, which you can add to your routine.

Exfoliate dead cells to make way for the new

You already know that the secret to K-beauty is specificity—the regimen that you follow every day must be suited to the needs of your skin. The catchall routine is a myth, and yet there is one particular step that every regimen should contain: exfoliation. If you do not exfoliate, there is no way your skin will look radiant and baby-soft. You will know the effectiveness of your exfoliating product over time; your skin should glow and have a better texture.

You should remember that sloughing away dead skin cells on your face is an absolute necessity. You should apply the exfoliating products three times a week. Two methods are available to you: chemical and physical exfoliation. An excellent chemical exfoliant works through concentrated acids that are gentle on your skin. They push away and peel dead skin cells to make way for new and brighter skin.

Use a nutrient-rich serum

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A nutrient-rich serum will produce the best results when you apply it in the morning and evening. First, you must determine the needs of your skin. Do you want to brighten it? Alternatively, perhaps you need an anti-aging formula. Any Korean beauty regimen is very personal and includes the treatment of specific issues, such as uneven skin tone or dark spots.

For instance, if you are struggling with dryness, then you must invest in a great product that’s ultra-hydrating. Another principle of Korean beauty care is layering. Therefore, it is essential to find the products that will provide an adequate amount of moisture for your skin. When choosing products, remember to patronize brands offering treatment and protection at the same time for maximum benefits.

Don’ Forget Your Sunscreen

Lastly, realize the importance of preventing skin aging by protecting your skin from UV radiation. A layer of sun protection factor (SPF) will not hurt; always invest in a great sunscreen. There is no better way to protect your skin, and your ten-step regimen will not produce the expected results without a good sunscreen at its core. The confusing cornucopia of SPF products should not distract you from the goal. In simpler terms, a high UVA product prevents hyperpigmentation. If you want sufficient protection, then buy a broad-spectrum product.

If your ideal is Korean skin, then you must invest in good products and know which tasks to prioritize. Consistency is the attitude to nurture. Instead of spending an hour putting all sorts of stuff on your skin, learn about your needs first and focus on the essential steps.

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