Keeping the Spark Alive Over Long Distances

Happy Couple

Long-distance relationships are not all that uncommon these days. Some couples have to sacrifice their time together to pursue their dreams, whether it is for a few months or for years to come. Some meet online and think they have found “The One”, who unfortunately lives on the other side of the world. It is easier to keep in touch thanks to technology, but is that all there is to your relationship?

Let these tips help keep the spark alive no matter where you are:

Celebrate Special Milestones Together

You have been dating for a year now, but your partner is in the UK and cannot fly to your location to celebrate. No worries. Champagne gifts and flowers can still reach them if you order these ahead of time. Then, once they have received the gifts from you, spend some time over a Skype call to celebrate with your respective treats. It is a bonus if you also get a gift from them on time, but be prepared with your own glass just in case. This will keep the celebration from being one-sided. In a relationship, the last thing you want is to feel like one party is more dedicated than the other.

Send Them Letters and Pictures


It is easy to check in every day — even every minute — with the help of messaging tools. Some of them are even geared especially towards couples, but nothing beats old-school writing. A handwritten letter conveys your emotions more sincerely more sincerely. It also says you took time from your busy schedule to sit down and pour your heart out in a letter. Include pictures of you or others that they may be interested in. Yes, you may already be sending them selfies every day, but a photo to keep in their wallet or on their wall will still have a different feel to it.

Share and Listen

Communication lines should always be open both ways. You cannot be the only one talking about your day, then making an excuse that you are tired when it is their turn to talk. You are in a relationship because you want to share your life with another person. If your partner is not acting like their usual self, initiate the conversation for them to share. Even if your own day has been bad, do not turn it into a competition. Be there to support each other as much as you can, even with the geographical limitations.

Keep them in Your Life

It may seem hard to include them in your life when they are far away, but that will kill the relationship if you start separating them from your daily life. When they ask what you have been up to, mention even small details you may think are boring. They are trying to be present in your life and them not knowing your activities will make them feel insecure. Introduce them to your friends, or at least mention names. They want to know who you have been hanging out with, so when you finally get to be together, they will not feel left out.

Love does not choose your location. When you are in a relationship with someone who is far away, double the effort to make them feel loved and appreciated.

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