How to Get the Best Lashes for Your Budget and Lifestyle

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Everybody is looking for something different when it comes to lashes. Some women need more volume, while some are looking for more length, and others would love to have more curl. However, lash enhancement could take precious time and money, depending on your goals and budget.

To make your search for the perfect eyelashes easier — and before you waste time applying falsies for 30 minutes every single day or commit to eyelash extensions — here’s a rundown of eyelash enhancement options to find out which would suit your lifestyle best.

If You’re Always on the Go

Sassy lash extensions in Las Vegas or LV are the perfect solution for busy women who cannot be bothered with falsies or mascara. Contrary to popular belief, extensions can even help make your eyelashes stronger and healthier, considering that you care for them properly, since you do not have to scrub them every single night as you would with mascara. You are also free from rubbing, curling, yanking and coating them.

And unlike falsies that feel tight and crunchy once applied and need to be removed after each use, you cannot really feel extensions (once you get used to them) and they will not stress your real eyelashes, considering that they are applied properly.

You do need to commit to fill-ins every two or four weeks, but this would depend on your natural eyelash cycle and lifestyle. To prolong the life of your extensions, avoid picking, twisting and pulling them off. Clean them with water daily and do not use oil-based products around your eyes to prevent the adhesive from breaking down and lead to premature shedding.

If You Love Getting Dolled Up

For glamour girls, false eyelashes or falsies are the perfect option. If you love getting dolled up and changing up your makeup looks with different eyelash styles, opt for false eyelashes. To apply falsies properly, you need to use tweezers. First, look downwards to see the base of your lashes. Apply a thin layer of adhesive to the falsies and a bit on the middle of your lash line, and press down the middle part, followed by the ends. Hold for a couple of seconds, and you are done.

If You’re on a Budget

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While mascara will not give you the same effect as lash extensions and falsies, it will still give you some much-needed length and volume. Additionally, given the right mascara and eye makeup techniques, you can still get that doll eye look you are after.

For Everyone

Growth serums are excellent at conditioning and nourishing your natural lashes and making them fuller, longer and stronger. These contain vitamins and moisturizers that help stimulate the growth of your real lashes and are especially beneficial for women with naturally thin and short eyelashes. Whether you use mascara, falsies or eyelash extensions, lash growth serums are vital for lash health.

There you have it, lash enhancement options for every lifestyle and budget. Now you just need to choose which one suits your specific lifestyle and budget.

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