For a Good Night’s Sleep: Your Contour Pillow Options

Woman sleeping on her bedroom

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), insufficient sleep is now among the most prevalent public health epidemics. About 50 to 70 million adults in the U.S. suffer from some form of sleep disorder. Considering the detrimental impact lack of sleep has on your body, these are shocking statistics. There are different aspects that determine the quality and amount of sleep you get including your room’s atmosphere and bed.

While most people will spend hours getting the best mattress for sale in stores like 2 Brothers Mattress in Salt Lake City, only a few give thought to their pillows. Not all pillows, however, are created equal, and they have a significant impact on your body’s position and consequently, comfort and sleep quality.

Contour pillows are specifically designed to maintain the right body contour and support your neck. Here are your options.

Head and Neck Pillows

White pillows on bed

These closely resemble regular pillows but unlike the latter are curved. The curve corresponds to that of your cervical spine and thus adequately cushions your spine when your head is parallel to the mattress. Most contour head and neck pillows are made of high-quality memory foam and then covered in plush microfiber.

Wedge Pillows

These are designed for the elevation of your body and head for pressure relief on different areas and breathing comfort. Wedge pillows are generally used by those recovering from surgery or have an injury. The pillows are also recommended for patients with indigestion issues and acid reflux.

But they will still prove useful when you are relaxing on your bed, watching TV or reading. Most wedge pillows have a foundation made of urethane foam and covered in memory foam thus forming a perfect mix of support and comfort.

Lumbar Pillows

These contour pillows are designed for lower back support. Lumbar pillows are designed to support the lumbar and thoracic spine curves. They are ideal for those who sleep on their stomach or their sides. They support your waist’s hollow while cushioning your knees, relieving shoulder and hip discomfort.

Knee Pillows

These are designed for placement under your knees to maintain your lumbar spinal curve. The support is particularly vital for side sleepers since it reduces the flexion strain this sleeping position places in your lower hip. Knee pillows can also be used for extra support on other body parts. They are usually made from memory foam then covered with microfiber casing.

These contour pillows are commonly used by those suffering from joint issues, sleep apnea, discomfort and stiffness, and hence sometimes called therapeutic pillows. They are, however, not a preserve of people with health issues. They are designed for everyone looking for comfort and quality sleep.

In fact, it is prudent to get all these pillows to suit all your sleeping positions since they are generally sold at a throwaway price during a sale. When choosing the pillows, you should base your decision on the features they offer rather than brands and cost. This way, you are sure to make the right pick.