Five Great Gift Suggestions for Your Loved One on Valentine’s Day

It’s a new year again and the day of love is fast approaching. Of course, your loved one deserves the best present. You don’t want to give them something too cheesy or too impersonal. If you’re still on the fence about what to get them this Valentine’s Day, consider these foolproof presents they’re sure to love.

Their Favourite Spirit

Everyone loves alcohol on special occasions. It’s a staple for every celebration. Studies even show that alcohol, in low to moderate doses, can improve brain health. Specific spirits like wine may also protect you from heart disease. Surprise your significant other with their favourite brand of wine, whisky, ale or gin. If you want to give them something extra, you can’t go wrong with gifting them a champagne box set.

A Voice Assistant

Jump into the future with your loved one with a new voice assistant. While they may be available on your phone, a standalone assistant makes hands-free information, entertainment, and shopping easier. Amazon Echo and Google Home are the more popular choices right now. If you use mostly Apple products, get a HomePod. They also connect to other devices like a Smart TV.  It means you and your partner can ask for recipes for dinner and load tonight’s movie on the telly without pushing a button.

Tghe Perfect Valentines Gift

Wireless Headphones

If your loved one is tired of untangling their headphone wires before listening to their favourite playlist or podcast, get them a set of wireless headphones. You have many options; it all boils down to form factor. If your significant other wants something they can listen to on the run, give them a pair of earbuds like the Apple Airpods. If they want to drown out noise from their daily commute, an over-ear headphone like the Bose QuietComfort 35 will suit them nicely. Plus, modern wireless headphones even interact with home voice assistants so they can issue commands on the go.

A Pair of Trainers

You can never have too many pairs of trainers. Both casual and sports shoes are essential to completing a relaxed outfit. Your spouse or partner might love their tattered trainers because they have personality. But you don’t want them to walk home barefoot when their shoes finally fall apart. If they’re into a cool and clean look, get them a pair of timeless Converse Chuck Taylors or SupergaCotu Classics. If they’re into fitness, a pair of modern running shoes like the Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 35 or Adidas Ultraboost will give them the support and responsiveness they need.

A Customised Tote Bag

This is your chance to create something artsy for your loved one. All you need is a blank tote bag, acrylic paint, a brush, and a pencil. You can get a blank bag from Amazon UK for a low price. As for the art materials, they’re readily available from your local crafts store. When it comes to the design, think of your treasured memories together. Was there a view that both of you admired? Or a favourite selfie? What thing or animal reminds you of them? If you’re still not sure what to draw, write their name with a stencil. Just make sure to add some pizzazz to it as well. Your design doesn’t have to be perfect. Your partner will appreciate the time and effort that you put into the art that you made for them. What’s great is that they can use a tote bag for anything — from quick errands to daily trips to work.

Buying a present in advance is smart for both your sanity and your wallet. You don’t want to be stuck in the middle of Valentine’s Day rush in the store. Be sure to add a small note or card when you give your present. Don’t worry that your loved one might not like your gift; as the adage goes, “it’s the thought that counts.”

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