Fashionista on Commute

Ways to be the glamorous you are under Manila’s wretched traffic

It’s jungle out there – this is every girl’s first thought on commuting when they lived thru their first week in the business district as a young professional. Getting all pumped up the night before, preparing all the clothes beside the bed like a girl choosing the right dress for her very first date, wanted to be the best-looking self on their first day of work.

You came out ofour house, being all prepared, motivated and pretty, and nobody told you about the extent of commuting in Metro Manila.Some even considered once to go in the office ontheir gym clothes and just change there, but it is not as convenient as it sounds.

As most would describe their commuting experience, you get in there all pretty and get out worse than messy. It really is not easy to showcase the fashionista within if you’re living your daily life under this predicament so here’s what you need to be the glamorous you are when on the road:

Choose the right fragrance for you

right fragrance Oceanic, Oriental, Sporty and so many other types of perfume and scent – spray that bottle on your skin and wait for a couple of minutes to see if it compliments you, especially when you sweat. Some perfumes scents area altered for the better when someone sweats a little, that’s why don’t just smell it fresh from the bottle, see if it compliments you well.

A well-made tough handbag

A handbag is the most ideal as it keeps your back from sweating when you go your way to work, however, not every fashionista bags can survive Manila’s traffic, especially on a Monday when the going gets tough. Leave your backpack at home, it’s not something you would want riding on your back in the humid atmosphere of Manila’s traffic. Your bag of choice doesn’t have to be a designer item, after all, there’s a reason why we endure day today’s traffic, also its usefulness doesn’t need to compromise your posture and fashion or hide your sense of style. After all, a matching bag and shoes can take you places!

Keep away that boob sweat

Almost impossible because like it or not, to avoid sweating in Manila’s commute is not an option. Boobies are trapped from 8am-5pm so better get rid of that padded bra to dodge boob sweat and wear comfortable bralettes. Of course, this is still up to you, invest on the most comfortable bra you can afford, after all, your fashionista confidence reflects from the comfort within.

Choose easy but not flimsy

Choosing fashionable comfortable clothes that still represents who you are can sometimes be tricky. Clothes made from lightweight materials can be a nuisance when you sweat and stick to your skin before you even get to the office, it is important to choose natural fabrics that absorbs sweat and dries fast. Print designs would work better for your advantage as it doesn’t add up to the weight of your clothes, designs with heavy beads or details can sometimes pull the fabric closer to your skin and trap the heat inside. Choose lighter colors as they don’t keep the heat inside and let it do the tricks of making you look fresh and younger.

Keep your hair orderly pretty

Keep your hair orderly prettyFlashing your beautiful hair to the world doesn’t have to be a drag to you and to everyone else you go along when commuting. Remember that girl all hair down when commuting? Then down came the wind and her hair goes along to everyone’s faces? – don’t be that person!

Using a sophisticated pony tail or scarf to keep your hair on track not only benefits others but will also help to keep it away from your neck and avoid needless sweating. Plus, make you look more professional.

Pick the right sunglasses

Know your face shape! Square, round or maybe heart – yes, there is a heart-shaped face, that goes well with wayfarers or cat-eye sunglasses. No matter what you pick, remember that it should not compromise your vision. Again, your style should not go against its sense of purpose.

Go for light make up

Your way to work sometimes can be like going to a fight and no one needs a washed up make up when it’s all over. You can never go wrong with a mascara, natural glossy lips and a nude foundation. Don’t overdo it when you’re preparing in the morning, do it light and do it right. After all, re-touching it when you reached your destination will be quick and easy.

Remember that Manila has a high humidity, so unless you intentionally want a sticky face along the road, go easy on it and let the basics do the hard work for you.

Always wear a pair of socks

Always wear a pair of socksIf you are wearing a closed footwear, always wear a good pair of foot socks. This is basic, and people might say that this isn’t something that gals need to be reminded about. But nowadays, with all the comfortable and fashionable flats out there, some girls just go bare on it – you may not notice it at first, but your feet sweat and not wearing socks will leave that sweat in your shoes’ very sole. Nobody wants a smelly pair, right? Especially when you’re living that glamourous life!

Comfort before style

Don’t get it wrong, expressing yourself thru that explicit dress and marvelous shoes is what life is like for fashionistas, but doesn’t mean that you’ll go all Lady Gaga on your way to work. The sum of all your outfit combined should result to a very stylish comfort, life is your runaway but it’s not all walk-up straight, pose, hair flip and turn so make sure you can function properly function with whatever it is you are going for for the day.

No one knows when will this traffic conflict be resolved, or to get even a little bit close to betterment. But despite that, never stop taking every day as a chance to flaunt and express yourself with the way you dress. Others might call your fashion as too much vanity, but the confidence to share yourself to the rest of the world is great thing. Be confident on your own skin and be home at your own body.

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