A Hat for All Seasons: How to Style Cowboy Hats All Year Round

Man standing with a cowboy hat

A true Western staple, the cowboy hat has been a timeless fashion piece that people from all around the world are familiar with. In contrast to traditional cowboy hat etiquette, people now dress these wide-brimmed hats up and down, depending on the season or occasion. Channel your inner urban cowgirl with these tips for wearing cowboy hats all year round.


The overall temperature in most places begins to get warmer so it’s time to stow those thick, wooly coats back in the closet and bust out your shorts and dresses. It’s the season for picnics, strolls in the park, and just being outdoors, in general. In spring, the sun starts beating down but not as harshly as it does in the summer. Light hats should be a part of your ensemble to keep you cool throughout your activities.

Cowboy hats made of felt or straw are ideal for the crisp yet sunny weather. Style a white brimmed hat with a white t-shirt and ripped jeans for a getup that’s perfect for a bicycle ride or brunch date with friends.


“A straw hat protects your head from the heat of the sun and helps reduce the possibility of heatstroke when you’re out in the field,” style experts at A.A. Callister say. That’s probably the reason straw cowboy hats are best-sellers among other hats the Western-inspired brand sells.

From celebrities attending music festivals to supermodels on the beach, these vented hats are undoubtedly a summer staple for everyone who wants to look great and feel comfortable in the sun. Bring out your bikinis, sheer tops, and denim shorts for a Coachella-inspired look even when you’re not in the valley.


Guy covering face with a cowboy hat

In 2016, singer-actress Lady Gaga debuted a new look that made the rounds in fashion magazines everywhere. Straying from her avant-garde outfits, she started donning a pink cowboy hat everywhere she went to promote her album, Joanne. It wasn’t until late 2017, though, when they made the iconic pink cowboy hat available for purchase on Lady Gaga’s website. Needless to say, fans, fashion enthusiasts, and even fellow celebrities followed suit.

Cowboy hats then became a trend, appearing on runways during fall fashion week in 2018. With a minimalist twist, you can easily style cowboy hats to suit your autumn looks. Match your favorite felt cowboy hat with a denim jacket over a flowy dress. Finish the look off with cowgirl boots for that chic rodeo aesthetic.


Even though cowboy hats were originally used to keep the sun from beaming down on horse riders’ backs in the Wild West, fashion stylists have continually found ways to incorporate it into newer styles. Pull off a classic winter cowboy look by rocking a vintage cowboy hat with a cozy fur coat. Keep warm while still being stylish with a thick wool hat that will make you feel like a real cowgirl even in the winter.

Fashion trends pass and every season, new styles arise and take over the streets. Cowboy hats are an interesting, well-loved accessory that consistently finds its way onto fashionable heads, no matter what season.

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