A Guide to Making a Friend or Family Member Feel at Home in Your Town

When a friend or family member is moving to your place to stay for some time, you’d want to make them feel at home as much as possible. Moving to a new place is daunting, even if it’s just for a short period. Some people find it difficult to move, while others see it as an exciting opportunity. Know how you can give your loved one a warm Kansas welcome.

Take Them to a Great Restaurant or Bar

One of the best ways to breathe life into someone’s moving experience is by giving them great food and drink. Every town has a signature food item or restaurant. It also helps to think about what they like to eat and plan from there. There are plenty of restaurants and full bars in Spring Hill to choose from. All it takes to explore them is an open mind and stomach.

Have a Stroll in the Local Park

A 1986 book by entomologist Edward O. Wilson called “Biophilia” theorizes that humans are always seeking to connect with nature. What better way to satisfy this by going to your local park? Get them acquainted with the local trees and wildlife. Look out for events, too. It’s always fun to rock out to a local musician.

Drive Around Town

Friends road trip

For your loved one to feel at home in your town, they need to know its ins and outs. Drive them around town to give them a short tour. Show them the shortcuts they can take when they’re on their way home. Point out important places like government offices, hospitals, and convenience stores. Once they’re acquainted, have them explore on their own. They might find a cool hangout you never thought of going to before.

Take Them to the Local Museum

Have your friend learn about your town’s history by taking them to the local museum. This is also great if they have children. Apart from providing quality family time, museums may help children think critically about art at a young age.

Give Them a Nice Place to Stay At

If your loved one is staying at your place, it’s time to up your hospitality skills. Start by changing the dusty sheets in your guest room with some fresh ones. You should also scrub the bathrooms clean. If you only have one room, it’s best to offer it to your guest. Make them feel as comfortable as possible. You’ll also benefit by practicing better cleaning habits now that you have a guest.

If your loved ones plan to their own place, research for good apartments and houses ahead of time. Once they find a home, volunteer to help out with moving boxes. It might seem much, but your efforts will make their transition to their new place easier.

Moving is a big decision for anyone to make in their life. The initial feelings will mostly be about leaving home to live somewhere completely foreign. Some people find it exciting, while others feel the opposite. In any case, it always helps to have someone familiar guide them throughout the moving process.

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